Online exhibition showcases seven Latin American artists

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Betsabee Romero

  Betsabeé Romero, Exodo, edition 3/3, 125 x 220 cm


Belén Pozzo Art Consultancy proudly presents ‘Latin American Art’, an online group exhibition featuring seven emerging and established Latin American artists, whose works will be exhibited together for the first time.

The exhibition will fully immerse you in the Latin American culture of brilliant colours and dazzling forms, combined with the unique indigenous artistic wealth of the region.

The show includes works by Betsabeé Romero, Gastón Izaguirre, Pablo Delgado, Gustavo Ortiz, Ignacio Lalanne, Mazu Prozak and Federico Redin

Betsabeé Romero: (Born in Mexico) In her work Betsabeé combines cars and car-parts with familiar elements from Mexican and other cultures. She has shown her work extensively in Mexico and overseas (more than 40 solo shows all over the world), becoming one of the better-known representatives of a generation of Mexican artists interested in artwork as actions and as objects as means of documenting these actions. For Betsabeé, cars, especially Volkswagen Beetles, symbolise dreams of a better life.

Gastón Izaguirre (Born in Uruguay) Undoubtedly the artist of the moment in Uruguay, Izaguirre is now making headlines around the world, exhibiting his work across Latin America, the USA and Europe.

Through the innocent characters of children, Gastón expresses the present time and the moment he is living now, with the ambiguity of form and colour that govern his life. The artist is no longer the observer but the observed. Izaguirre’s work is powerful and unique, a journey of discovery, a reflection of himself and an interesting mirror of today’s society.

Pablo Delgado (Born in Mexico) One of London’s best-known street artists, Delgado is renowned for his miniature paste-up scenes. His early work consisted of tiny doorways pasted up around the walls of East London. Soon, Pablo began expanding into detailed narrative scenes, meticulously depicting hosts of people, animals and objects in minutiae around London. His style is also peculiarly known for the distinctive black shadows he casts on the pavement in black paint. These shadows give his pieces a lifelike quality and make them pop off the wall. Each scene contains its own narrative and story. He has exhibited his work in UK, Mexico, Belgium, France and Sweden.

Gustavo Ortiz (Born in Argentina) is considered one of ‘Argentina’s rising stars’ by Aesthetica Magazine. Ortiz combines the aesthetics and practices of Argentina’s indigenous tribes with surprising surrealist elements, alluding to the influence of European art. The resulting combination — between naivety and knowledge, simplicity and innovation — results in gorgeously crafted works, full of colourful juxtapositions. He has exhibited extensively in the UK, Argentina and France.

Ignacio Lalanne (Born in Argentina) Having spent several years exploring and drawing inspiration from different parts of the globe, Lalanne takes the viewer on a mysterious journey in his art, combining narrative and symbolic elements. His work explores the binary oppositions within the self, especially the concepts of illusion and reality, superficiality and depth, and temporality and spirituality. He has exhibited his work in Argentina, the UK and the US.

Gustavo Ortiz
Gustavo Ortiz, Self-portrait No. 34, mixed media, 40 x 40 cm


Mazu Prozak (Born in Brazil) is one of the most prolific and influential Paulistan graffiti artist of his generation. He emerged in the 90s with the boom of graffiti in the bohemian neighbourhood of Vila Madalena in São Paulo. Prozak’s work describes a world of coexistence between the modern and the obsolete, and between the tropical myth of the ‘land where everything grows and blossoms’ and the equally mythological industrial modernity imported for a high price and paid in lifetime instalments. Using a fine irony, and multiple symbols, Prozak’s art points in the direction of something more pure and simple. His work has taken him all over the globe. In 2011 he undertook the biggest leap of his artistic career when he set off to Gdansk in Poland to paint a ‘ginormous’ 36-metre high mural as part of the Monumental Art Festival.

Federico Redin (Born in Uruguay) An award-winning photographer who has travelled extensively, Redin is driven by his passionate to visually capture different cultures. His work is unique and shows a new perspective on each topic: his own vision and signature style permeate each of his works. He has recently been awarded with the first prize in the Latin American New Holland International Photographic Contest, from about 670 photographers.

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