Accenture supports the development of Latin American House’s plans for the future

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Latin American House (LAH or Casa Latina) has recently updated its business plan in collaboration with Accenture. LAH has set clear strategies to strengthen its bond with the Latin American and the local Kilburn communities in London. The goal? To expand the legal, educational and cultural services that the organisation offers and to reach a wider audience while maintaining the stability that has been a hallmark of Casa Latina´s position in the London charity landscape over the last 30 years.

Latin American House is welcoming this period of change. Stefanie Borkum joined the team as General Operation’s Manager in January, while many new volunteers have joined to work towards the goals.

David Thom and his team from Accenture worked alongside Adriana Maldonado, now the co-Chair of the Casa Latina’s Board, to develop new guidelines for the future. Here is what Thom had to say about the project:

What’s the importance of working with a charity so closely linked with Latin America? And, how important is that region for Accenture?

As part of the Latin American and Iberian Network within Accenture, it was important to us that the charity we chose to partner with had ties with Latin America and the associated local communities in London. The goal of our network is to bring together Spanish and Portuguese speakers within the company and promote and celebrate the culture of Latin America, something that is closely aligned with the aims of LAH’s culture programme. Our company has a significant presence in the region, with offices in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, so creating and expanding networks from the UK to these countries is another of our ambitions.

What is your personal impression after having worked with LAH?

Working with Adriana on the delivery of this project has been a truly enjoyable experience. She showed great commitment driving forward and developing the business plan, taking information from an array of different sources and bringing it together in one place for the first time. The passion she shows to LAH is really inspiring – with people like her on the Management Committee it will be far easier to succeed.

What do you think the potential of LAH would be if this new business plan is executed thoroughly in the next couple of years?

Over the past 25+ years LAH has established itself as one of the foremost charitable organisations for Latin Americans in London, and will need to draw on that heritage and experience over the next few years as it refreshes its outlook and approach. One of the aspects I like most about the LAH model is the level of self-sustainability that has been developed, which should stand it in good stead as it looks to adapt to the ever changing needs of the LATAM community in London. I believe with the refreshed business plan that has been developed and the strong leadership it possesses, LAH is well positioned to expand its services and help even more people than ever before.



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