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Jonio González was born in Buenos Aires in 1954 and has lived in Barcelona since 1983. With Javier Cófreces he founded the poetry magazine La Danza del Ratón. Work of his has appeared in several anthologies, and his books include El oro de la república (Buenos Aires, 1982), Muro de máscaras (Buenos Aires, 1987), Últimos poemas de Eunice Cohen (Barcelona, 1999), El puente (Vic, 2001; Buenos Aires, 2003) and Ganar el desierto (Buenos Aires, 2009).



if every weight is light
compared to another
and the coin on the table
is a sign of hunger

if a gold bar
measures the same
as a bar only dreamed of

why lean forward
into the light
at the gentle hour
when truth is revealed?

only the just man
knows that he’s not one

(from “Wall of masks”, Plaza y Janés, Barcelona, 1999)


In the sun’s reflection

in the sun’s reflection
behind a cloud
you by chance found
the same sky
of your childhood books
and breathed the air
that on the great hill
scattered the fog
of the fires
among which you danced
as night drew near
with its murmur of crickets
its trembling of fireflies
its idols and its desert

(from “Conquering the desert”, Ediciones en Danza, Buenos Aires, 2009)


Debt (in memoriam Adelaide Crapsey)

the leaf the wind
picks up tosses
picks up
to toss
once again

you can write
about it
filling libraries
creating gods
or philosophical schools

they’ll continue
picking up
what you hand over


La revista, VL English

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