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Are you or your parents not originally from the UK, but now you live in London?

Great, we hope you will be interested in our project. What’s going on? We are making photographic portraits of families (whatever family means to you) in their home in London, and we want to photograph people living here who are from every country in the world – that’s around 200 states recognized by the UN, and a few more besides, like Kurdistan.

Why? Because it is amazing that people from every country in the world are living in one incredible city: London. This is a new frontier of history, these people are the New British, and a photographic record needs to be made to celebrate this condition. That is what we are doing.

Who are we? Chris Steele-Perkins is a world famous photographer with the Magnum collective who has work in the collection of the Tate, the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery and is author of over 10 books.

What’s in it for you? Be part of something big and exciting. Be part of London. Be in a book. Be in an exhibition. And, get some digital files and a free signed print of your family photograph. Enjoy the experience. Be proud of who you are. It costs you nothing.

What do you need to do? Please contact us at and tell us a little bit about yourselves and we will get back to you and arrange an appointment, simple as that. If you want to check me out further my website is and for more details: http:// Thank you so much for taking an interest!


Chris Steele-Perkins Photography Project


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